Reference in environmental performance

Ence's factory in Pontevedra, the capital of the Rías Baixas, produces chlorine free paper pulp and energy from the biomass generated in the surrounding mountains. This is one of only two factories in Europe that produces totally chlorine free (TCF) paper pulp from eucalyptus wood.

More than 96% of the pulp produced by Ence in Pontevedra is intended for export, mainly to the countries of Northern Europe. The factory works with wood produced mainly with the forest crops of Galicia, as well as with other crops from Northern Portugal. Most of the factory's production is finally converted into tissue paper for Ence's customers, although the pulp is also used for other paper applications.

Ence has turned its factory in Galicia into a world-leading factory in environmental performance in its sector. The factory's environmental management results better the BREF indicators, which define the best practices in the European Union for the production of pulp, by 80%.

The production of energy using biomass allows Ence's factory in Pontevedra to be virtually self-sufficient in terms of energy: based on the portion of wood that it does not use to produce the cellulose pulp and the biomass of Galicia, it generates almost all the renewable energy that it consumes in its industrial process.

Ence makes all information relating to the environmental performance of its Pontevedra factory available to the user in real time on its website

Fundamental effect and creation of employment

Ence generates more than 5,000 jobs in Galicia, 800 of which are in Pontevedra or in the surrounding municipalities. Around 2,100 of these jobs are carried out in the forestry sector and 3,000 are included in the area of industry, logistics and other activities arising from the use, transport and transformation of the wood.

The company is therefore key in the development of the forestry industry throughout Galicia. It is the main customer of the wood producers and generates high, stable demand for the surrounding area, and transfers the knowledge of the needs of the global industrial sector. The company directly manages around 10,500 hectares of forestry crops in Galicia and has a direct relationship with the owners of the forests, providers, associations and suppliers from which it purchases the wood for an annual value of around 100 million euros in income.

Projects for integrating our environment.

With the intent of improving the integration of the factory with its environment, at the end of 2012 Ence began a Landscape Architectural Integration Competition. The projects received were studied and evaluated in detail by a jury composed of various industry professionals, local politicians in Pontevedra and company directors. The winning project was awarded and will be carried out in the near future.

Vapour elimination project: The company's engineers are working towards finding a better solution to eliminate the factory's vapour emissions. Most of the air emissions from the factory are water vapour, however, a reduction in these emissions would allow for a considerable improvement in the visual impact of Ence's facilities in Pontevedra.

Since 2010, and in collaboration with the University of Santiago de Compostela, the company has also been carrying out a project intended to eliminate the odours from the factory to complement the progress already made in recent years.

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