Pulp production

Ence produces pulp in its plants in Navia (Asturias) and Pontevedra.

Navia has a production capacity of 605,000 tonnes per year. The Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) process is used in this factory, replacing elemental chlorine with chlorine dioxide to prevent contamination by dioxins.

In the Pontevedra factory, which has a capacity of 465,000 tonnes per year, the bleaching is Total Chlorine Free (TCF). It does not use any chlorine compounds in the process, instead using hydrogen peroxide as a bleaching agent.


Biomass plants

Ence generates electricity through eight production plants: two in Navia, two in Huelva, one in Pontevedra, one in Mérida, one in Jaén and one in Ciudad Real.

Two of these are cogeneration plants with biomass derived from the pulp extraction process in its Navia and Pontevedra factories.

The plants of Navia and Huelva also have one and two plants respectively, producing energy through condensation and exclusively using forest biomass.

In addition, Ence has five standalone biomass power plants: 50 MW and 40 MW plants in Huelva, 20 MW in Mérida (Cáceres) and 16 MW in Jaén and Ciudad Real.

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