Ence believes that cellulose prices will have a positive outlook to 2022

Reflecting on cellulose fundamentals and specifically on demand, it is necessary to insist that there are no new projects that could add capacity to the market slated to become operational before the second half of 2021. 

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Strategic Outlook 2019-2023. Presentation and Audiowebcast

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Sustainable Forest Management

Results 2018


Ence obtains the AENOR certificate of the Criminal Compliance Manageme…

        Ence is the first company in its sector to receive this recognition, which certifies an efficient management system to prevent the commission of crimes and reduce the company's criminal risk. November 26, 2018.- Ence-Energía y Celulosa has...


Leader in Biomass Energy

Ence is the European leader in eucalyptus pulp production, the first company in Spain to produce renewable energy from forestry and agricultural  biomass, and leader in Spain in the integral and responsible management of forest areas and crops. The company currently has 300 MW of installed capacity, of which 250 MW is renewable energy from biomass.

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Committed to Sustainability

Ence's managed forest areas follow the most demanding and internationally recognized criteria of sustainability and corporate responsibility.

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